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Lotus Flower Candle Holder

Lotus Flower Candle Holder

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Are you looking for that perfect gift? Candles and candle holders make lovely gift selections. Whether you are looking for a birthday present or a bridesmaid gift, candle holders (especially with the candle already provided with the holder), this Lotus Flower Candle Holder will indeed wow anyone on the receiving in. These holders work with either votive candles or tea lights.

Need to clear a chakra? Do so with Wolfie's Lotus Flower Chakra set! From Root to Crown, this handmade candle holder set is sure to establish the appropriate mood for chakra work. Wolfie's chakra set is cast with Allumilite Clear Cast epoxy resin, various mica pigment powders, and extra fine glitter to achieve a glittery/frosted appearance to seven candle holders.

Red - Root
Orange - Sacral
Yellow - Solar Plexus
Green - Heart
Blue - Throat
Purple/Indigo - Third Eye
Magenta - Crown

Each Lotus Flower comes with a glass votive holder and a white candle to get one started upon opening the box.

These items are handmade with epoxy resin and mica pigment powders. Each candle holder is unique, from the amount of glitz to possible microbubbles and imperfections from the casting and curing process. Hand wash with warm soapy water, do not place in dishwasher. Using the provided glass candle holder will help prolong the life of your Lotus Flower Candle Holder by ensuring the wax is contained within an item that can withstand hot water to remove the remaining candle wax.

Items of Noteworthiness:
  • This item is made from FDA Approved Alumilite Clear Epoxy Resin and has cured solidly for 30+ days before listing.
  • Most, if not all, of my resin products, should be hand-washed with warm soapy water. If the water is too hot for your hand, it's too hot for the item. Placing them in the dishwasher will leave you with a rather large sad. Some coasters won't necessarily like HOT mugs, but some will.
  • I do what I can to test items before listing them, short of using them to eat on or burn candles.
  • Please provide images if your order arrives damaged during the shipping process.
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