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Den-Dry Underlay & Bunk Bumper Bundle-King

Den-Dry Underlay & Bunk Bumper Bundle-King

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Introducing the Den-Dry Condensation Control Ultimate Comfort Bundle – designed to provide the best defense against the nuisance of bunk funk. Not only will you prevent moisture from creeping up beneath your mattress, but also from seeping in from the cold sidewalls.

Here's What's Inside Your Ultimate Comfort Bundle:

Den-Dry Condensation Control Mattress Underlayment

  • Size: Makes two strips, each 39" Wide x 80" Long (a combined length of 160") – perfect for a King Bed.
  • Features: The cross channels in this mattress underlay ensure superior airflow, ensuring your mattress remains elevated and free from the bulkhead's damp embrace. Crafted from spun polymer and plastic, this underlay supports even the weight of two adults, creating a perfect air barrier to combat condensation.
  • Benefits: Enjoy a funk-free bedding experience, and extend the life of your mattress by ensuring it remains dry and healthy. No more unpleasant smells or unexpected damp patches.

Den-Dry Bunk Bumpers

  • Size: 10" Tall x 21' Long – a perfect fit for a King Bed.
  • Features: The Bunk Bumper is designed to protect the vulnerable sides of your mattress. Cut it easily with scissors for a customized fit.
  • Benefits: Even with an excellent mattress underlayment, the sides of your mattress are still exposed to the cold, damp sidewalls of your RV or boat. The Bunk Bumpers are an effective barrier, ensuring your mattress is wholly shielded from condensation.

Color: Black

UPC: 636836349756

Package Dimensions: 40.0 x 12.0 x 12.0 inches

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