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Ravenwolf Marine

Den-Dry Mattress Underlay Bundle - 2 Queens

Den-Dry Mattress Underlay Bundle - 2 Queens

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  • Bundle is Two Rolls for Two Queen sized beds.
  • Each roll makes two strips, 39" Wide X 60" Long  Fits a Queen or Full Bed
  • Cross Channels provide Superior Airflow
  • 3" Flap for Joining Multiple Panels
  • Lifts your mattress off the bedding platform to help air flow more freely

Details:  Have you peeked under your mattress recently? You may be surprised by what happens between the mattress and the bedding platform. We sure were! We lived on a sailboat along the Chesapeake full-time for several years, including the cold winter months. All that body heat hitting the bedding platform overnight creates a wee bit of moisture that, over time, can creep into any porous fabric and fester. Ewww! Condensation doesn't come from having a leaky vessel. It's a physics thing!

We all know how important quality sleep is for one's health. Having a funky bunk can adversely affect one's sleep quality, and having a comfortable mattress is an investment for a good night's sleep. Protect your sleep investment with Den-Dry, a pad that lifts your bedding off a solid surface. Air flow is essential to any overnight dampness that can evaporate during the day and keep that yuck from creeping into your mattress. Banish that bunk funk with Den-Dry under the mattress pad!

Why do I have to cut my Den-Dry? Some RVs and most boats have bedding shapes and sizes that vary. Den-Dry under mattress pad ships as one long roll to ensure a custom fit specific to your specific size and shape. Ravenwolf Marine highly recommends ensuring your mattress has dried out before installing Den-Dry.

Color: Black

UPC: 636836349602

Package Dimensions: 39.0 x 18.0 x 9.0 inches

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