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Den-Dry - By the Foot

Den-Dry - By the Foot

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Size and shape matter do matter


  • Cross Channels provide Superior Airflow
  • Continuous Length
  • 3" Flap for Joining Multiple Panels

As most of you who own a boat or RV (motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer) know, beds can come in a variety of sizes and/or shapes. That makes it more challenging to decide what option to purchase. 


Standard sizes like Queen or King did not work for our situation.

Our master berth on SV Shindyah is NOT standard in any way! Take into consideration the location of our main berth - the stern.

Firstly, this means our bedding platform is somewhat oval shaped. Therefore, CURVED edges. Yikes Obviously nothing standard is going to fit this bed easily, if at all. Secondly, this meant we had to take all sorts of measurements when we installed our Den-Dry prototype. Thirdly, all of this determined where we cut the product and how we placed it on the platform. 

Enter Den-Dry by the foot as an option! 


Should I  purchase by the foot?

Den-Dry by the foot is an excellent option for those with oddly shaped or multiple beds. Choosing Den-Dry by the foot allows you to outfit all your bedding platforms without multiple single-sized Den-Dry items, which can be important if your recreational vehicle has a variety of sizes and shapes.

The only difference between by-the-foot and standard sizes - you choose how many feet you require. If you are unsure, give us a call and we'll help you determine how much and what would be the optimal placement for your Den-Dry.



Material: Recycled polyproylene

Width: 39 inches

Length: You choose

Color: Black

UPC: 636836349480

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