Den-Dry banishes bunk funk (Test Page)

Protect your sleep investment from mold and mildew 

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Small spaces concentrate dampness, which RVs and boats are good at, leading to a peculiar scent of funk. Where does that funk live predominately? Beneath, and sometimes within, your RV and boat bedding. How does that yuck get there, you ask? Ravenwolf Marine can sum up the issue in one word: CONDENSATION

How does condensation get into your mattress? Check out our FREE E-Book on the subject. After reading our e-book, you will better understand condensation and how it affects bedding in RVs, boats, tiny homes, tree homes, and semi-sleeper cabs.

Den-Dry Condensation Control is the best weapon in your arsenal to banish bunk funk. 

Folks who spend significant time outdoors often notice the pesky mildew smell, leading to many issues. What does this mean for one's RV or boat bedding? This means mildew and, most likely, mold begins to form, thus leading to that funky scent that causes one's nose to wrinkle.

My RV is sealed tight and has no leaks, so where does this moisture come from?

For example, think of that tasty glass of cold lavender lemonade in the summertime, and the sides of the glass start beading up with moisture. In other words, condensation!

The same happens as we sleep. Our bodies produce a crazy amount of heat, especially during colder temperatures. Combine body heat radiating through the mattress with a cold surface, such as your bedding platform, and you have the perfect storm that leads to bunk funk. Furthermore, this can also lead to health concerns for those with allergies. Den-Dry Condensation Control is a pad that provides a beneficial gap between your mattress and the bedding platform. Allowing nightly moisture to evaporate ensures that your bedding stays drier between periods of sleep.

How does Den-Dry combat bunk funk?

Den-Dry Condensation Control is a pad under your mattress to provide enough lift to allow air to flow between your bedding and the platform. Most importantly, lifting a mattress exposes any moisture that has formed on the bedding platform to air out, and this airflow helps keep that moisture from seeping into your sleep investment.

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Den-Dry Condensation Control from Ravenwolf Marine is a pad under your mattress, providing enough lift to allow airflow. Most importantly, this exposes any moisture that has formed on the bedding platform to air out, allowing condensation to evaporate. In other words, airflow helps keep condensation from seeping into your sleep investment.

Den-Dry Condensation Control is your best weapon in the war against bunk funk.