Collection: Den-Dry Condensation Control

Den-Dry Condensation Control - Banish bunk funk


Heat & moisture + cold surface = condensation


Small spaces concentrate dampness, which RVs and boats are good at, leading to a peculiar scent of funk. Where does that funk live predominately? Beneath, and sometimes within, your RV and boat bedding. How does that yuck get there, you ask? Ravenwolf Marine can sum up the issue in one word: CONDENSATION. Den-Dry Condensation Control is your best weapon in the arsenal to banish bunk funk.


Folks who spend significant time outdoors will often notice the pesky mildew smell, especially in winter. When we sleep, our bodies produce an crazy amount of heat, combine this with a cold surface, and you have the perfect storm that leads to bunk funk and, for some, health concerns. Den-Dry Condensation Control is a pad that provides a beneficial gap between your mattress and the bedding platform. Allowing nightly moisture to evaporate and ensuring your bedding stays drier between periods of sleep.


Combat mattress condensation with Den-Dry and sleep confidently, knowing your bedding is armed against the wilds of overnight dampness.