Collection: Art! by Wolfie

Are you looking for that perfect gift?

I offer various resin items in many motifs, shapes, and crocheted items. 

Keychains, Art! By Wolfie card
Gifts range from resin items, such as candle holders and keychains, crocheted one-of-a-kind items, and more. Periodically we'll be highlighting artwork from our family and friends around the US.  

I take requests if you see an item/set that you want to purchase but in a different color.

Some notes from Wolfie:

Please note that my epoxy resin items are not necessarily heat resistant. This means a couple of things. 

1 - Hand wash only in warm soapy water. No dishwasher unless you really want to be sad.

2 - Coasters are not tolerant of Keurig hot coffee or tea in cups. Some of my test items get bendy on me; I use them around the office and at home; this lets me determine if my Bucky's mug will not make a coaster turn into Gumby.

3 - Unless otherwise stated, it's best not to leave resin items in direct sunlight. The epoxy resin I use isn't UV-safe. However, I have UV-resistant epoxy resin for suncatchers and wind chimes. If you are unsure about the type of epoxy resin, please email me.

So, if you are Crowley, the King of Hell (Supernatural reference, please don't freak out!), be mindful of where your coasters and plates live. If you are a vampire from the Twilight universe, let me know if you need the UV-resistant products, and I'll add a little extra sparkle! If you happen to be traveling with the Doctor, feel free to disregard my recommendations; time and space are, after all, wibbly wobbly!