Howls! Ravenwolf Marine has renovated!

Howls! Ravenwolf Marine has renovated!

After many months of debating, researching, and more debating, we decided to migrate our website from X-Cart to Shopify. We learned through several phone calls from customers wanting to place an order that they couldn't finish the process on our site.

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With this change, my goal is to start promoting on social media again after a rather lengthy hiatus. Between elder care, a website that was no longer performing the way we wanted, and currently landlocked, we focused on building our brand name on Amazon for a spell. We learned a few new things about our customers, and it's ALL GOOD!

RVs, those who cruise the nation in their land yachts. From Class B to Class C, to 'OMG THAT IS HUGE!' Class As, and fifth wheels. Going forward, Ravenwolf Marine will be posting more blog articles in the coming weeks and months. Both about our product, Den-Dry, and our own experiences with condensation and other various alternative living trials and tribblelations (ok, yes, we are avid Star Trek fans!). We would love to hear from YOU, our customers, about your condensation issues, how you've tackled bunk funk, the best way you've found to keep Den-Dry from sliding, as this can be an issue in a moving RV more so than on a sailboat or motorboat. Hearing from you not only helps us to understand our customer base better, but your input also helps us to tweak descriptions and, most importantly, our Den-Dry FAQ, which we print on the back of every Den-Dry product card.


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